Ergonomics is the study that deals with the interaction between humans and their activities. It is the practice of designing an environment to adapt to the characteristics of the people who are within it.

A well designed chair is comfortable and it supports the key areas of the body without restricting movement. After the common cold, more people see doctors about back pain than any other ailment. Almost 80% of the worldwide population will suffer back or neck pain at one time or another. These conditions receive great attention from doctors, chiropractors, physiotherapists and other health care professionals, yet there is no one simple cure. 

Every chair at All Chair Delivery is built with features that are ergonomically designed to promote proper posture and provide maximum comfort.

Always select a chair that is designed for the type of work you perform and make certain the chair is comfortable for the length of time spent using it. Ensure that the seat and back cushions are contoured to t your body, which will help eliminate pressure points. An ergonomically designed chair should allow changing positions easily. As you work, reposition yourself throughout the day to reduce strain and stress on specific muscle groups. If you change job functions, adjust your chair to the new task. 

Proper ergonomic seating should help eliminate many of the work related injuries that result from poor posture and poorly designed seating.